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Arizona Cardinals Crystal Knit Poncho (Dark Red) Arizona Cardinals Prospect Backpack (OLIVE) Arizona Cardinals Team Jersey Tote
Atlanta Falcons Crystal Knit Poncho (Dark Red) Atlanta Falcons Prospect Backpack (OLIVE) Atlanta Falcons Team Jersey Tote
Baltimore Ravens Quilted Hobo (Purple) Baltimore Ravens Team Jersey Tote Buffalo Bills Prospect Backpack (OLIVE)
Carolina Panthers Crystal Knit Poncho (Black) Carolina Panthers Prospect Backpack (OLIVE) Carolina Panthers Team Jersey Tote
Chicago Bears Crystal Knit Poncho (Navy) Chicago Bears Prospect Backpack (OLIVE) Chicago Bears Team Jersey Tote
Cincinnati Bengals Crystal Knit Poncho (Black) Cincinnati Bengals Prospect Backpack (OLIVE) Cincinnati Bengals Team Jersey Tote
Cleveland Browns Crystal Knit Poncho (Orange) Cleveland Browns Prospect Backpack (OLIVE) Color Sheen Tote / Minnesota Vikings (Purple)
Dallas Cowboys Crystal Knit Poncho (Navy) Dallas Cowboys Prospect Backpack (OLIVE) Dallas Cowboys Team Jersey Tote
Denver Broncos Crystal Knit Poncho (Navy) Denver Broncos Prospect Backpack (OLIVE) Denver Broncos Team Jersey Tote
Detroit Lions Prospect Backpack (OLIVE) Detroit Lions Team Jersey Tote Green Bay Packers Crystal Knit Poncho (Green)